Flying Downhill with Bode Miller: The Early Years


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If you want to be transported around the globe with one of the legends
of sports; if you want to fly down a mountain as fast as gravity can
take you; if you want to thumb your nose at everybody who tells you
how to do what comes naturally; if you want to make the hair on the
back of your neck rise; then you want to join this journey with
Bode Miller.

Read on to see how you can be part of the trip.

Ten years ago documentary filmmaker, Bill Rogers, drove down the
road and heard a radio report about someone he knew, Bode Miller,
who was returning from the winter Olympics in Japan. Though Bode
didn't finish a race - fell on his face in one of the runs - the local press
welcomed home their own champion. He had not won but he
competed heartily! And someday he might win.

In a flash this project was born. We would follow Bode Miller up to the
next Olympics in Park City, Utah. And, just your luck, that moment
connected to this one today where the film and the skier have been
lauded and awarded:

  • 31 World Cup Victories
  • Best Biography at X-Dance, 2006
  • 6 World Championships
  • Finalist and premiere at Banff Mountain Film Festival
  • 2 Olympic Silver Medals
  • "Fascinating" - Newsweek (about the film AND Bode)

And now for the first time the film about Bode Miller, Flying Downhill,
The Early Years, is available on DVD in Europe, North America

and the world with German, French and Italian subtitles!

Order direct from the web now and save 20%: just 15,20 Euro (from 19,00) for the PAL version for shipping in Europe; or just $19.20 US Dollars (from $23.95) for the NTSC version for shipping in US and Canada. Flying Downhill, The Early Years, is not your average jumping off cliffs, racing the avalanche, kind of movie. While Bode does jump off cliffs AND chase the avalanche, the real beauty of the film is the up close ride viewers are given with Bode as he establishes himself as America's most medaled and legendary skier.

We are in the chairlift with him as he skis at his home mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire, and as he rides the gondola to race before thousands of ski fans under the lights in Austria...

Flying Downhill, The Early Years is with Bode as he pushes the 800-pound roller, and lifts weights till he can hold lunch no more. And then crashes gates like no one else.

Bode is described as "Unbelievable!" by Franz Klammer. "Amazing" says fellow champion, Bernhard Russi. "Ugly" according to Phil Mahre, whom Bode eclipsed in 2008 to become the most decorated US Men's skier.

And this portrait of Bode is right next to him through the compliments and insults. As Bode becomes the living legend of the sport.

In this newest version of the film we see Bode as he works his way up to become one of skiing's greatest competitors. Though there's plenty of racing action it's less about the races and more about what brought him to find a faster way down the mountain.

You'll want to see it again and again to see how Bode links remarkable turns of his skis and equally turns his words.

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So come on into the starthouse and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Bode Miler finds the fastest way down the mountain.

And did we mention the great music? Just in case going fast isn't enough.

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